Ravi Bhai Ne Aapni Priya Bahen Ko Choda

”. Chudtey chudtey eksomoy ami gud’ey dhone vorey rekhei dadar bookey oopur hoey shuey ghashaa thupey dadake chudtey chudtey eksomoy ish..ish…ook…ook..da..da…da..da…kortey kortey gud’er joll khosiey feli saathey saathey dadao gota koyek tall thup diey amar gud’r garom birjya dheley dilo. Ektoo parey ami uthe dadar bookey pith thekiye helaan diey boslam. Dada amar du’bogoler paash diey du’haat bariye amar maai duto jorey jorey tiptey tiptey chumu khetey khtey bollo “babbaa ! jaa. I expect that you?ve readthe stories??The clothing consisted of a loose white cotton-like tunicthat was a paper-cloth thing and seemed likely to tear at any moment, andmatching short skirt and a pair of pressed cardboard sandals with thong laces.There was no underwear but we half expected that. From previous reports itseemed that if underwear was issued it was only so that it could be brutallyripped off soon after the scene started. Our tunic and short skirts werevirtually see-through and I. It was soo arrousing thinking of wearing the dress, yet Ididn't do.Then during my childhood I remember going thru some old clothes andfinding skirts and a girlish dress, wearing it now and then.i dressed less in my early years as a child, then stopped dressingbetween 12-18 years old thinking I can break away from it. But it wasalways there, the urge to dress in girls clothes, never went away.I remember at 18 in between high school and college I needed to take astressful driving test, to get my. Who could that be, she wondered. The knocking continued and she was thinking of getting up to answer it when it shopped. Good she thought. Then a face was at the window, it was Marcy from next door. She is home early from the bank Peg thought."Come in," she yelled out.Marcy came in carrying her briefcase. Still wearing her power business suit with dark pleated skirt that showed just enough leg. Peg noticed that she held the case as if it carried gold or something. She sit down in the chair.
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