I hope you don’t mind?”The huge animal — he was the same size as Duke and almost the same weight at 615 — executed a perfect bow. Then he said, “Darling Duchess, do you have a screw loose? Mind caring for these ... these...” Then he dropped flat on the ground with his eyes closed and just shivered with fear.“Darling,” Duchess said softly, “you will get used to it. I know they rank above the angels in Heaven. Please consider it a mark of His extraordinary favor that we have been selected for. He has a bald spot starting in the back, and when I kissed him there, he swatted at me with his newspaper. “Thanks, guys. Right now, all we are planning is some dinner Wednesday night, and probably I’ll see him this weekend. I’ll let you know.”Daddy grunted in acknowledgement and Mom waved me away.I could barely wait until Wednesday. I wasn’t sure what to wear to work. What I wanted to wear to see him was not what I wanted to wear at the station. What I really wanted to wear would probably get. Sarah arranged a double date for us on a Sunday afternoon, with Bill and Kathy. We went to a double-feature movie in town. During the intermission, when Sarah and Kathy went to the ladies’ room, I told Bill that I needed some information. I didn’t tell him we’d had sex only once, letting him infer that it may have been more. ‘Sarah and I started having sex, and I think I’m doing something wrong. She doesn’t climax. Sarah told me she’d talked with Kathy and Kathy has multiple climaxes.’ ‘Do you. Then she asked him for his phone number. She wanted to fuck him with her voice, she said. She wanted to draw him deeper into her seductive spell, and giving her his number would demonstrate how submissive he already was while giving her another way to reach out to him whenever she needed to feed. And even though he knew that she wasn’t really a succubus (because she wasn’t really a succubus, it was just a game they played together, just a hot and sexy game that melted his mind to mush) he still.
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